If you just completed that hunt of a lifetime and are looking to have your alligator hide made into a purse, briefcase, belt, boots, etc. we can assist you with this in all aspects of the process including tanning your hide, choosing a color and finish choice, choosing a quality leather maker, to receipt of your finished alligator product.

We also stock a variety of sizes and colors of tanned alligator hides for purchase. We can ship the hide to you or to your leather maker. We also have a variety of sizes in “crust” that can be dyed to your choice of any color.

We have 5 basic colors in stock: Black, Brown, Cognac, Sport Rust, & Peanut Brittle. These colors come with your choice of matte or a gloss finish. If you have a custom color in mind, CFTH can have your hide dyed most any color. We work directly with the tanneries to create exactly what you are looking for.

CFTH sells only the finest alligator leather products. Check out our high quality leather products for purchase in our catalog. We have handmade satchels, purses, clutches, wallets, key chains and belts.

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