Central Florida Trophy Hunts processes alligators at our licensed and permitted facility. We are HACCP Compliant and permitted through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission.

We offer our high quality “Wild Caught” Alligator Meat for purchase wholesale or retail. All of our alligator meat is cut, defatted, cubed twice and vacuumed sealed for freshness.  We maintain high standards when processing our alligator meat, never using preservatives or additives and never mixing the white and red meat,  just pure alligator meat for a high quality product.

The choicest cut is the tail meat which is white and very much like veal in texture. The tenderloin comes from a cylindrical tube inside the tail. The body meat is somewhat darker and has a stronger taste and slightly tougher texture. It is very similar to pork shoulder.  Alligator can be used in jambalayas, soups, stews, many chefs simply grill, sauté or fry the various cuts of meat.

Alligator meat is labeled and packaged and can be shipped via FED EX or UPS.

We offer discounts on large volumes and we offer wholesale prices.

Our White Alligator Meat is NEVER mixed with Red Alligator Meat

DEMAND THE BEST! You can always expect a high quality product!  We offer only pure Wild Caught Alligator Meat!
*Due to the current shipping issues with the major carriers, we will be happy to provide you with shipping prices/options but we will NOT guarantee shipping, we will not refund, replace any orders whether it is lost, late or arrived spoiled or for any reason. 


  • 1lb Package White Nuggets (Not breaded)$18.00 per lb.
  • 5lb box of White Nuggets (Not breaded)$85.00 ($17.00 per lb.)

Tenderized Meat

  • 5lb box of White Meat Tenderized- $80.00 ($16.00 per lb.)
  • 5lb box of Red Meat Tenderized – $52.50 ($10.50 per lb.)

Gator Ribs

  • $8.50 per lb.  Rib slabs are individually sealed and weights vary.

Gator Tenderloins

  • $22 per lb. Whole Tenderloin

Gator Jowls

  • $22 per lb. Whole Jowls



Wild Caught Free Ranging Frog Legs

  • $22 per lb.



Gator Burger

  • 5lb box of White Gator Burger – $85.00 ($17.00 per lb.)
  • 5lb box of Red Gator Burger – $57.50 ($11.50 per lb.)

Gator Bratwurst

  • $18.00 per lb. Gator Bratwurst (includes added pork) 
  • $18.50 per lb. Gator Cheddar Bratwurst (includes added pork)

Whole Alligators

(Skinned, Gutted, Head & Feet Attached)

  • (6lbs-12lbs)   $125    
  • (13lbs-25lbs) $175   
  • (26lbs-35lbs) $225  
  • (36lbs-39lbs) $250
  • (40lbs-45lbs) $275 
  • (46lbs-56lbs) $300 
  • (57lbs-60lbs) $350
  • (61lbs and larger) Call for pricing    

Whole Alligator Tails

  • $22.00 per lb Whole Tail  Whole Tails are individually sealed and weights vary.

To Order please call (321) 632-8995
Due to market demand, prices may vary. 

  We ship FedEx or UPS direct to your door.  Please call for shipping prices.