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Gator Money – Featured Buggy, Airboating Magazine

As the owner of Central Florida Trophy Hunts in Cocoa, Florida we are constantly looking [...]

Where have all the Shuttle engineers gone?

To new jobs, some odder than others. By Jeremy Davis Air & Space magazine, June [...]

Gator hunting applications booming, thanks to reality TV.

Florida officials say reality TV is making everyone feel like they’re ready to go gator-hunting, [...]

Gator hunters a special – crazy? – breed

Chris Haywood, left, and Brett Matthews pose with one of their trophy gators, which is [...]

Area hunter bags an alligator

Written by James H. Phillips Wednesday, 22 April 2009 10:45 Goshen attorney John Ulmer explains [...]

Florida Alligator Hunting

By Tony Judnich 8-17-2007 Staff writer The tools of the trade for Grayson Padrick include [...]