Trusted by Professional Alligator Hunters

As a professional alligator hunter, I need to have the finest, most durable alligator catching equipment available. Your equipment (Central Florida Trophy Hunts) is the finest I have found. It is well made and rugged. It stands up to the whatever the toughest alligator can dish out. I’ve tried some of the cheaply made and unreliable equipment offered by other suppliers, but none can compare with the quality of the alligator trapping equipment you offer. I, also, thank you for the expert advice and technical support that you have given me in my pursuit of trapping alligators. I attached a picture of a 11ft 7in alligator that had been harassing workers at an FPL power generating station. After a 2 and a half hour battle, I was able to subdue the beast. This would not have been possible without having your equipment. Many thanks for making my job easier and more successful.

John, South Florida